TRAINING – If you’re looking to start running your own ads online, but not sure where to start or how… we have designed a free course to guide you through the process of understanding the fundamentals of online marketing and how to get building your first ads. Perfect for small businesses and training staff to get started. With more advanced courses to come. Click here to go the training course...

NFT’S & Digital Real Estate – When it comes to the new world of Non Fungible Tokens, Digital Real Estate, Smart Contracts, and the various blockchains that these assets operate within, it’s a vastly unregulated, fast moving space where experience can make a huge difference in mitigating your financial risk, and making the right purchases for your companies game-plan. We’ve been buying virtual real-estate & trading NFT’s since 2019 and we’re here to guide you in the right direction, and explain how this new world is operating.

VIDEO VIEW CAMPAIGNS – Based on the Goliath amount of data that social media platforms like facebook & Instagram have on how their users engage with content, it’s possible to find out who likes what you do, and just as importantly, who doesn’t!  Measuring engagement and re-targeting those who strongly engage with your product is a very important part of building brand familiarity.

FREQUENCY AND REACH / BRAND AWARENESS CAMPAIGNS – Did you know with adverts, you can ‘playlist’ content to reach a particular audience? This means you can place different pieces of your content over a long period of time infront of the same group of people. This is particularly effective for releases, or building a deep awareness with a particular demographic.

SALES FUNNELS – When it comes to selling product online, there has never been a better time to do it. Access to e-commerce apps, store fronts & websites at the click of a button mean there’s lots of great tools at hand. Whats important, is knowing how to turn a cold audience who has never heard of you before, into a warm audience who is familiar with you and your message, eventually developing leads and making sales.

PIXEL TRACKING AND OPTIMISING SALES CONVERSIONS – Diving into the deep end,  it’s possible to track engaged users generated from our ad campaigns, via pixels. Utilising facebook or googles incredible data to optimise your campaigns for purchases, means we can dig deeper in finding the right purchasing audience, but track real-time sales with feedback on amount spent, while allocating this value to subscribers in your CRM, meaning full lifetime value tracking and real-time purchase tracking is possible. An incredible tool for almost any business, and to us, it’s alot of fun!

CONSULTANCY – Some people already have digital teams setup, and we know first hand that sometimes a new set of ears and eyes coming into the fold can be a game-changer to the perspective of your project and your approach. One of our favourite things is trying to find the holes and potential pitfalls in a a business’ approach to online marketing. If you feel we can help you, reach out and schedule in a call with us when it suits you, or otherwise, take some time to learn from our blogs or training course.

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